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ROBERT SAXTON: Scenes from the Epic of Gilgamesh

Given its foreshadowing of Job as an elemental attempt to confront the mysteries of human fate, it may be surprising that more composers have not turned to the myth of Gilgamesh…

SOMM Recordings two set CD of Holst

Archive Holst recording to be released

In celebration of the 150th anniversary of the birth of composer Gustav Holst, a two CD set is being launched of never-before-released recordings…

Wilfred Heaton

Album to focus on composer Wilfred Heaton

The music of Sheffield-born composer Wilfred Heaton will be the focus of a new album…

Lisa Nandy

Labour announce new culture secretary

The UK’s new Secretary of State for culture, media and sport is Wigan MP, Lisa Nandy…

James Loughran

Conductor James Loughran dies aged 92

Distinguished Scottish conductor, James Loughran, died in June at the age of 92…

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GEORGE LLOYD: Symphonies 1-6

GEORGE LLOYD: Symphonies 1-6

I seem to remember an essay title, when I was an undergraduate studying music, which read The symphony is dead. Discuss. Well, if that was a serious viewpoint in the early 1970’s it was seriously exaggerated…

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