Tracey Chadwell’s Songbook (Double CD)




Tracey Chadwell, soprano
Pamela Lidiard, piano
John Turner, recorders
BMSCD420/1 (2 CDs)

Maconchy Sun, Moon and Stars.
Three Songs
LeFanu I am Bread, Penny for a Song Whitehead: Awa Herea
Cresswell Words for Music
Lumsdaine A Norfolk Songbook Lilburn: Three Songs
Farquhar Six Songs of Women
Joubert The Turning Wheel
R.R. Bennett Garland for Marjory Fleming


“Tracey Chadwell, a soprano of exceptional gifts and intelligence … this … could stand as a model to other singers in the expert management of a voice, in fearless vocal resource and joyful adventurousness … [of] repertory,” MEO. Gramophone 1998