Sorabji: Piano Music (Triple CD)




Michael Habermann piano
£18 (three CDs)

Kaikhosru Sorabji (1892-1988)

Kaikhosro Shapurji Sorabji is known as a composer whose pursuit of extremes resulted in vast works such as his Opus Clavicembalisticum which, for many years, was acknowledged as the world’s longest non-repetitive piano work.

More important is his music’s unique and satisfying beauty.

From the mystical impressionism of earlier ‘nocturnal’ pieces to the awe-inspiring energy and massive climaxes of his later work, Sorabji’s legacy is one which is increasingly appreciated as a unique contribution to 20th-century music.

Michael Habermann’s now legendary recordings gained Sorabji’s exclusive approval, breaking through the notorious ban he had placed on performances of his own work.