Hello fellow BMS fellows from the States.

I am preparing bio-bibliographical books on the lives and careers of Ruth Gipps and Phyllis Tate for the partnered Clemson University/University of Liverpool Press.

I would be grateful to hear from any of our colleagues regarding concerts or recitals they have given or conducted of any of Gipps’ or Tate’s works.

In addition should you have knowledge of colleges, universities, churches and the like who have hosted such events but do not have particulars, sending along the names of those institutes and approximate dates/years of concerts would be of great help for my following up. 

As you know, this is the centenary year of RG’s birth which has helped to rekindle interest in her work as a composer, conductor, pianist and oboist.

I am hoping to meet RG’s son, Lance Baker, and Tate’s daughter and son, Celia and Colin Frank when returning to continue research in England next summer.

Many thanks in advance for sending along details of performances to include: date, title of work(s), performers/ensemble names and venue of each. 

John C. Dressler, D.Mus.