Ireland and Britten

I was interested to read the article “Never Forgotten” in the Autumn issue of BMS news. The plaques of Britten and Ireland reminded me of my visit to those composers’ birthplaces.

Britten’s birthplace is a comfortable B&B where one can sleep in the composer’s bedroom and have breakfast in his father’s dental surgery.

To gain access to Ireland’s birthplace, however,  one would have to attend a viewing, as the house is now divided into numerous apartments which appear on the market at prices which make the mind boggle……

Robert Coates
Harøy, Norway

Morfydd Owen

Members might like to know of the two blue plaques that were unveiled in September 2018 to mark the centenary of the death of the Welsh composer, mezzo-soprano and pianist Morfydd Owen (1891-1918) – one on her birthplace, 68 Park Street, Treforest, and the other on the house in which she died, Craig-y-Mor, Oystermouth.

It may well be the first time that any composer has been accorded two plaques in the course of one weekend!

Dr Rhian Davies