Our round-up of some of the music-related stories hitting the headlines in the past month.

Making the arts more accessible

According to the Guardian, Labour leader Keir Starmer has pledged to make the arts more accessible to young people from all backgrounds.

In a speech in late March he stressed the economic contribution of the creative industries and argued it could be even greater with improved access.

The speech came just days after analysis by Labour showed that almost half of all British cultural stars nominated for leading awards in the last decade were educated at private school, Starmer will set out an “access to the arts” plan.

Classical music is child’s play

The BBC reported that primary school students received a music performance in their playground as part of an initiative to bring classical music to more children.

Playground Proms visited Bure Valley Primary School in Aylsham, Norfolk for an interactive workshop accompanied with cellos and violins.

The group is hoping to tour schools across the UK to change perceptions around classical music.

Orchestra to stage dementia-friendly shows

A well-established orchestra based in Derby is planning to bring “expertise” gained through its community work to offer “dementia-friendly” classical music performances.

Sinfonia Viva said the performances by a small group of musicians would be relaxed and in “accessible buildings”.

It is seeking to raise £5,000, funding of which will be matched by a campaign, to deliver the project for patients, their carers and families.

Photo by Jie Wang on Unsplash