A rarely heard piece of music by Alan Bush was performed by BMS member Dominic Daula at a festival in Cape Town last autumn – and can now be seen in a YouTube video which has appeared online recently.

A man of many talents, Dominic currently lectures in the Department of Music and Musicology at Rhodes University in South Africa, and performs on the piano.

On this occasion, however, he made a rare appearance as harpsichordist during a recital on 3 September 2023, day two of the Bowed Electrons Festival in Cape Town.

As Dominic acknowledged: “Harpsichord recitals are, in my experience, rarities – particularly in the southern Hemisphere!”, and the event was even more remarkable by the inclusion of a rarely heard suite by Alan Bush On Lawn and Green.  

The quality of the YouTube video is sometimes variable in both the visuals and sound, but the music still comes through and it is worth staying on after the applause to hear Dominic’s historical note about the composer and this piece. You can find the Bush piece by listening in from 38:54 – 47:29.