The 2021 BMS Journal (No. 43) is now available to read on the BMS website as part of a growing number of back editions of BMS Journal articles online. 

The latest journal includes a range of fascinating Articles, Essays, Commentaries, reviews and Tributes by leading writers. 

Features include The Forgotten Music of Roger Quilter by Valerie Langfield and Alan Ridout’s Music for Counter-Tenor by Andrew Plant.

See also Piers Burton-Page’s article on the The Malcolm Arnold Centenary alongside a review by journal editor Dominic Daula on Alan Poulton’s Malcolm Arnold Catalogue. Tributes can also be read to Allan Stephenson, Hugh Wood and Gordon Crosse.

Also recently added are the very first four journals published by the BMS in 1979-82. There are some very interesting reads here – even the changing design of the journal covers is worth a look. Let us know what you think!

Members can read and download the individual articles