The BMS produced its first journal in 1979. Over 40 editions later we eagerly await the latest edition which is due very soon. Many of these journals are now out of print and therefore inaccessible to BMS Members and other British Music enthusiasts. 

Increasing number of articles from past BMS Journals are being digitised and made available online to members

We are therefore delighted to announce the start of an exciting new project which is to digitise all articles from all existing BMS Journals.

This is a big project which will take many months to complete. It is being coordinated by Revolution Arts with the help of Eleanor Spence (pictured above).

A graduate of Photography from Falmouth University, Eleanor is currently working in digitisation alongside her work as a freelance photographer. She lives in Oxford with her fiancé.

Articles are being added as they become ready and are available are free to download, read and print by any BMS member registered on the website. We shall keep you up to date with recent additions through the E-News. 

So far the following editions are available online.