The item in the April Newsletter about the welcome new biography of E J Moeran, rather overlooks I feel, the substantial volume published in 1986 (Toccata Press) by my friend, the late Geoffrey Self, The Music of E J Moeran.

This book contained extensive biographical details, though not a full biography and was described in the Preface by Vernon Handley as, “this…deeply exciting book… should hold our attention as completely as Moeran’s music has held its authors”.

Prior to that, in 1985, Lionel Hill, published a charming memoir, Lonely Waters (Thames Publishing) a slim volume, which he described as, “The Diary of a Friendship with E J Moeran”.  Though there are not a plethora of titles about EJM, he has not been completely ignored and both these volumes are well worth searching out.  

Phillip Hunt, BMS Member

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