I was delighted to be invited back to Kansas State University to give this well attended class in British music for string players on 5th October 2023 in the Kirmser Hall, at KSU School of Music, Theatre and Dance.

Much credit should go to Professor Emeritus Dr Cora Cooper, former KSU violin teacher who set this up. She has devoted many years to researching and publishing through her SleepyPuppyPress which focuses on string music by women and neglected composers, about half of which are British. Ethel Barns was new to me and as a violinist and concert promoter as well as composer, fascinating.

There were two violinists and a 2nd year masters viola player and the current violin/viola teacher Madeleine Jansen joined in with her student to perform Jig/March by Rebecca Clarke, recently discovered in manuscript – Dr Cooper is closely in touch with Clarke’s nephew and Executor – and given the second violin part by a postgraduate composition student of KSU, Alan Bell.

Since there wasn’t a pianist provided, I acted as pianist a couple of times, in order to play for the Vaughan Williams and Barns.

I mentioned the British Music Society and directed them to the website.

Many of the students and staff attended my recital that evening in the All Faiths Chapel, where I played British music – Wendy Hiscocks, Errollyn Wallen, Michael Berkeley, Rebecca Clarke and Judith Weir and the Franck Violin Sonata.

Thank you for supporting this worthwhile venture in propagating British music.

Madeleine Mitchell
BMS Ambassador