A Garland for Ukraine, a unique film tribute of music, features BMS member John Turner and has been produced with sound recordist Steve Plews of Prima Facie with video recording by Tim Walton.

Ten composers, mainly British, but also including one Italian and one American, have written short pieces for recorder and piano, to show their admiration and support for the Ukrainian nation and its brave and delightful people in this their hour of need. 

Several of the pieces make reference to the Ukrainian National anthem or to Lysenko’s Prayer for Ukraine, the country’s spiritual anthem. We hope you enjoy listening to them. The performers are John Turner on recorder, with Susan Bettaney and Jeremy Pike playing the piano. 

All the participants in this venture, including the composers, have given their services. The video (see below) recording was made in St. Paul’s Church, Heaton Moor, Stockport, on 21 April. 

If you have enjoyed listening to the pieces, do consider making a modest donation quoting the reference ‘A Garland for Ukraine’, to the Disasters Emergency Committee for the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. 

Alternatively make a donation directly to some other charity of your choice which assists Ukrainians in this country or abroad.another charity benefitting Ukraine.

One charity which is specifically benefitting Ukrainian musicians is The Razumovsky Trust. This has been set up by Ukrainian cellist Oleg Kogan. The Trust’s initiative is to providing continued help towards re-building the rich musical life of his home city of Kharkiv: https://razumovsky.co.uk/events/event/help-ukraine-fundraising-concert-and-dinner


Sasha Johnson Manning Prayer for Ukraine
John Turner A Sad Pavane for Ukraine
Richard Pantcheff The Space Immense of the Azure Sky
Jacob Fitzgerald Prayer (short exploration on Lysenko’s Prayer for Ukraine)
Jeremy Pike Elegy
Fulvio Caldini Ricordo 
Carson Cooman  Hollow
Adam Gorb Peace for Ukraine
Robert Matthew-Walker Orationem Brevem ad Pacem
David Benger Idyll for Ukraine
Sasha Johnson Manning Prayer for Ukraine